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About Durio Sound

Durio Sound Site The site is a community support for Durio Sound DAC which was funded via Kickstarter on October 20th, 2014. What is Durio Sound Durio Sound is a modular concept of professional audio solutions. It provides high quality audio conversion (DAC), flexible interface extensions as well as audio quality enhancements. -- The Durio Sound can be combined with any computer or module capable to provide digital audio signals, e.g.

Software Download

We currently provide two Raspberry PI images at Download. Media Player Daemon without Digital Volume Control durio_img . This configure will make DAC PCM5102 runs with full swing. For user outsite Thailand the speed may be very slow to you, I have update at Google Drive here. Media Player Daemon with Volume Control durio_volume_img. This configure will allow user to have a control on Volume via MPD player client. User can download the image from Google Drive as well.

Raspberry PI Setup for Durio Sound

Raspberry PI Setup for Durio Sound Basic Setup The following steps are the basic setup Durio Sound Raspbian Based image. Download image from out site. Extract the image file. $gzip -d durio.img.gz or $gzip -d durio_volume.img.gz Write an image to SD or Micro SD card. This is base on Linux. $sudo dd if=durio.img of=/dev/sd{x} where {x} is the your SD card drive Here the references to write image to SD card for different OS from Raspberry PI site.

Advanced Setup

Advanced Setup Raspberry PI for Durio Sound

Advance Setup for Raspberry PI

1st Network setup

[Raspbian][raspbian] is based on Debian distribution so that the network configure file is locate at ”/etc/network/interface”. Edit configure in this file to match with your requirement.

Configure Media Player Daemon (mpd)

Configure Media Player Daemon

According default Durio Sound Image. We are using Media Player Daemon mpd as it music player engine. To tweak its configuration file can be the following:

Tweak ALSA

Tweak mpd alsa audio engine on Linux.